I’m Not Lazy, I Am Busy..

Gosh! It’s like ages since I updated this blog. Of course you can expect to see an update on Monday because that’s when Nuffnang giving out RM20 for all the first 100 entries for the week..hehe..when it comes to making money, I will do whatever it takes to do a blog post..haha!

Since tomorrow is already Thursday, I have been very busy since a few days ago preparing the kit for craft class this Saturday. Alhamdulillah, if all goes well, the dip class will be full (max of 6 students). You might never know sometimes things happen like kematian or last minute emergency that make them unable to attend the class.

On family matter, I have been experimenting with new ways to make the little one fall asleep easily, be it for nap time or night time. So far the main air session every afternoon does work wonders..which gave me ample time to cook dinner. And somehow Hubby has managed to make him sleep at night around 12 – 12:30am..Alhamdulillah. He slept on Abah’s chest like he used to do when he was smaller..maybe the comforting effect makes him feel drowsy and help him fall asleep easily.

Well, with that kind of early time off for me, I should be able to update all the blogs more often, you think? Nay, the ever reliable Maxis Broadband keep on buat pasal..it took me 2 hours just to update the announcement about the upcoming craft class last night..isk!

Nampak gaya will have to get Streamyx jugak la jawabnya..huhuhu!

Err..I better grab some sleep..since if the little one sleeps early at night, he will wake up earlier than the usual 1-2pm as well..happy working people..don’t spend too much time Facebooking, OK! heh..

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