Baking Problem?

I am not a good baker..isk..I can bake but the outcomes sometimes are total disaster (not up to the standard that I wish for..huhu). But every now and then, I managed to bake simple dessert like cheese cake for SIL and butter cake for Hubby. For dinner and lunch, I could manage to bake fish, beef and chicken (or is it considered as roasting? I am confused between all the cooking terms and glossary)

Regardless of that I still have interest on Holiday baking recipes like cake, cupcake, tart and pie..only that I wish I have the time and chance to really practise and learn the right methods. I am really bad when it comes to bake cookies, the last festive cookies I tried to make came out all wrong. Luckily Hubby seems to have the talent for that, so he was the one baking all our Hari Raya cookies..hehe!

I am a visual person so watching baking lessons on video online or on cooking program on TV could really help me learn a thing or two. My favorite shows are Sugar by Anna Olson and Chef At Home by Chef Michael Smith. I also found a website – that has a very great pictures of food and video about cooking.

I am currently browsing their Easter menu – their Roasted Potatoes and Carrots with Citrus does look yummy even though it’s just vegetable. I guess with nice presentation, even the most boring food could look tasty on the screen..heh!

Oh, for those looking for ideas for their Easter basket goodies, what do you think of this “egg”?

Nice, huh? These eggs are meant to be cracked. (How else to show off the decadent chocolate insides?) The shell, yolk and white are made from solid dark and white chocolate. It is sold as set of 2 for $40 at Dean & Deluca.

Coming back to the baking story, I hope by the time my son is old enough to understand the joy of birthday celebration, I would be good enough in baking his birthday cake or cupcakes to be sent to his the mean time I do have to practise more..few more years to go!

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