STICKY #1 – Decoupage Class March 2010

I hope whoever stumbled upon my blog will notice the announcement I have above all the blog entries about my 2 craft classes – bunga dip and decoupage which will be held in March 2010.

I’m sure not many know what is decoupage. I got many email and even a phone call from radio station asking me what is decoupage. I wonder do these people ever heard about Google?..haha!

Nevertheless, to make my life easier I just answer that it is an art of “gunting” and “tampal” – (cut and paste). The word decoupage actually comes from the French word “decouper” – meaning to cut. The Italians referred to it as arte povero, poor man’s art. In the olden days those who couldn’t afford to hire an artist to decorate their furniture will resort to get the almost same effects with cut-outs pasted on and covered with multiple coats of varnish or lacquer.

Nowadays, there are many women who love English style home decor. They are usually the one who came to my decoupage classes previously with the intention to come out with their own unique English theme decoupage items. Some even take decoupage orders from others or conduct class on their own now.

Oh, you don’t even have to know how to paint and draw as all the motifs you can find printed on the paper napkins. There are also choices like wrapping paper, magazine cut out, decoupage paper and labels but they will use different techniques and mediums to be pasted and preserved on the surface you choose.

I will teach you the basic techniques which you can learn within 2 hours. Even the most “tak berseni” people can do it, I promise! Come and join my decoupage class this 14 March 2010. Seats are limited!


  1. cantik la..yg bunga dip kat bawah pun cantik..berpinau mata tengok 🙂
    u made them sound so simple…”gunting” n “tampal”. huhu~ nampak sangat saya nih tak kretif

  2. mother of three..thanks!

    z, mmg simple pon, gunting2 pastu tampal..tapi tak leh la main belasah je tampal sesuka hati, kreativiti tetap penting kalo nak hasil yg menarik..hehe..

  3. gosh they are BEAUTIFUL. i buy decoupage products frm the flea market at amcorp mall and they’re expensive. wish i could attend your class lah. but saper lah nak jaga anak i tu

  4. Ask your hubby to come along..there is a public swimming pool and playground at the pusat komuniti..I’m sure Gib will have fun during the 2-hour his mummy doing decoupage..hehe!

    after the class, for sure you can come out with your own masterpiece, tak payah beli mahal2 kat flea market lagi 🙂

  5. I am interest of Decoupage class.
    When will you have class again ?
    Do you have any class somewhere in PJ area ?


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