STICKY #2 – Kelas Bunga Dip – March 2010

I noticed that many people came to this blog looking for bunga dip, gubahan hantaran and bunga pahar…(at least from the analytics I got from Blog Stats and Nuffnang)

So since I will be conducting kelas bunga dip this coming March, I might as well show what you will learn if you join the class.

At the end of that 3-hour session, you will go home with this 2 type of bunga telur – one stalk of bunga pahar, complete with ribbon and net telur and another is bunga dulang mini which once you know the basic techniques on how to do it, you can add on as many bunga kecil, daun and bunga ros as you want to be a standard size of bunga dulang to be put by the side of your gubahan hantaran.

I will teach you how to assemble bunga dulang and even tie your bunga telur to the batang lidi..(you’ll be surprised to learn that not all people have the basic idea on how to do a proper bunga telur..hehe!)

Here is a close up picture of my demo bunga dulang mini. Check out that bunga kecil, you can turn that into corsage or decoration for guest favors.

Come and join my March class, seats are still available. Even if you never do a single craftwork before, I guarantee that you will be able to bring home your own handmade bunga dip after the class is over 🙂

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  1. I am interested to attend your class. Please update me with any latest class related to bunga dip, bunga dulang and etc.

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