Decoupage On Bottle

(I have to backdate this entry since the sticky doesn’t work)

I am not sure whether I have shared this picture of bottles before. Maybe in another blog I have or in the forum..isk! BTW, the left bottle was done using decoupage techniques. I ordered the Christmas paper napkin from UK since the seller sold them in a set of 20 different pieces for Christmas theme. So I chose the motif with musical notes and stocking for this bottle.

The right bottle was done using Pebeo glass painting set. It was such a challenge since that was the first time I did glass painting as a project..(other than the one piece I have done during the formal lesson)

For those who do decoupage, if the theme and style suits you, you can try applying glitter glue on top of the motifs to make it more prominent and have the extra bling. This one was done using Plaid Glitter. But personally I prefer Jo Sonja Opal Dust as the tiny light-reflecting, opal coloured particles create glitter effects that suits my eyes..heh!

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