Withdraw Money From Paypal to Maybank Account

Remember the entry I wrote about Planet Pulse? And I promised to tell if my withdrawal from PayPal to my Maybank account is successful.

I withdrew some amount last Friday and I checked today, the money is already in..(which means it only takes 3 working days to process). No additional charges whatsoever from Maybank.

If the amount you want to withdraw from PayPal is more than RM400, you will not be charged a single cent. But in my case since the amount is less than RM400, Paypal deducted RM3 and the balance after deduction and forex calculation will then be credited into the local bank account which I have registered with Paypal.

I will accumulate more USD in my PayPal since now I know for sure that there is much easy way to get money in MYR. Last time I have to use Al Rajhi Visa Debit to take out the money from PayPal.

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