Planning For A Home?

I was having a conversation online with a friend about her plan to buy a house. In Malaysia, people usually buy houses that have been built by developers so we have less choice to choose what type of house plans we desire. Unless we are really rich, can afford to buy vacant plot and pay for contractors to erect the house of our dream, we are doomed to buy whatever designs that the real estate developers come out with..huhu!

I was browsing through the website of I wish one day when we have enormous amount of money, we could have something like this cottage in a quiet area.

They have so many cabin plans to choose from. You can even estimate the cost to build such house by inputting the zip code (available in USA only!) And with their Cost Estimator feature, you can also locate the house floor plans within your budget.

They also have so many styles to choose from – ranch, Tudor, Victorian, contemporary and many more. Check out their list of qualified builders. With their Builder’s Advantage program, builders get to receive discounts, free plan books and many benefits.

If you are building your own home, what features would you put as a must? I am all into large family area, 6 bedrooms with attached bathroom, and a kitchen fit for a cooking master. What about you?

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