So Many Things To Say..

I have been trying to update this blog since my last post on the traits of high need babies. Well, I have so many things in my mind but yet so little time to really sit down and put them in words.

I would love to share about the Law Of Attraction from the Quran perspective. I already bought one book about that, hopefully it will reach Hubby’s office by next week. So far what I found online are mostly written by Indonesians in Bahasa Indonesia (which I will really have to sit, read and ponder upon to get the translation right..huhu!)

Oh, whoever know where to get halal beef bacon or pepperoni like the one they have in Subway, please tell me. We went to the nearby Jusco but they only have chicken. We ended up buying the preserved breakfast beef strips which I plan to turn into homemade sandwich for lunch next week.

Eh, I really have to sleep..though I still have many things to say here. I have a craft class tomorrow..which means I have to wake up 1-2 hour earlier than usual…aarrgghh..well, things that you have to do to earn some money and in the same time keep yourself social and not cooped up like some mundane homemakers..huhu! entry, I hope to write about my plan to teach my son some Art Time like the one they have on PHDC..heh! (or do you think 14 months is too young to learn such thing..what a kiasu mom, lah!)


  1. Darling.. It’s never too early with arts! Alas kain besar kat lantai.. pehtu bagi jek kaler ke ape ker… jgn ko bagi gunting udah.. ahahaha…
    Biar dia print tgn n kaki.. sure sonok nyer.. aku xleh buat sbb dulu duk ngan in-law. skang dah xde masa nak buat.. balik keje penat… huuhuuh…
    Go for it Farah!! Jeles aku weh! 😛

  2. u can get those halal bacon strips and cold cuts (turkey, chicken salami, pastrami, etc.) at cold storage. if u want it slightly cheaper, try giant hypermarkets. we buy ours from giant kota damansara, behind the counter, near where they sell the fresh chicken.

    great idea on starting arts and crafts! as long as u dont have high expectations, sure okay punya. when i started gib on arts and crafts, i think i expected too much and was upset when he just ended up making a whole lot of mess! but hey, that’s all part of the learning process, right?? now he can handle scissors with no problems and paint shapes that really impress me! so i say start em early 😉

  3. thanks anis n babyboon for the encouragement..will revamp the current room to accommodate the art table..and yet to find stool for the little one to sit and doodle..

    when it comes to mess, i am one mother who could care it shouldn’t be a problem..tapi risau if he mkn the crayon or whatnot..but we have to try la kan..tgk2 mmg ada bakat pelukis..haha!

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