I got some extra time tonight to edit some pictures to accompany my entry as the son is sleeping..heh! Usually he sleeps around 2-3am, but tonight he fell asleep around 1am..maybe because he didn’t nap at 11pm..huhu!

Anyway, I just want to share the picture of his first lift-the-flap board book. We bought it when he was around 7 months. He is really into reading or should I say eating the flap of the pictures..keh keh! But one thing I noticed, not all flap will be eaten.

On a single page of the book, there will be at least 2 flaps, but some are not being eaten at all, while some always become the victim every time I turn to that particular page..isk isk! Nevertheless, our son is really fond of reading, sometimes when I read the story book, he will babble along with me.

I wonder when he will start reading on his own..heh!

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