Alas Kaki, Levi’s Jeans

OK, before you proceed reading, don’t get the wrong idea that I’m using Levi’s jeans as alas kaki..haha! It’s 2 separate story but I am happy to share both today.

We didn’t really have any specific plan on Friday, but it’s Hubby’s day off since Deepavali falls on Saturday and they have to go to work on Saturday for the monthly release (which might take the whole night till Sunday morning..isk!)

The initial plan was to go grab some lunch outside once the little one wakes up and we get ready. Then I wanted to do half of the groceries shopping for our makan-makan next weekend. It turned out we melencong somewhere else..shhh..and finger cross hopefully it will turn out to be smooth as we pray for.

After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid. I was not planning on buying anything since we have done our magazine,books,toys and baju anak shopping a few weeks ago. Then I saw Living Quarters having sale..aiyakkk..the alas kaki is 70% off..even the RM15.90 per pack IHR tissue has 20% discount (I use those tissue for decoupage class mind you, not lap mulut lepas makan, OK!!)

Apa lagi, we bought 3 alas kaki for less than RM12. They have many more yang cantik with the price range of RM40-50 before discount, but since Hubby has bought a few good alas kaki for Raya, I thought those RM12.90 will do. After we came out from the store, terfikir pulak nak give some alas kaki to Hubby bought another 3 alas kaki to give to his sister. Mana nak dapat alas kaki cantik less than RM4 per piece..keh keh!

We walked aimlessly around the mall, went up to buy Takoyaki and while searching for the correct lift to go to the parking, I saw Levi’s store having sale up to 70%..adeihhh..

Tell you, I have not bought any new pants since I was pregnant and gave birth which is like more than a year ago. All these while, I wear the pants that I bought when I was like 6 months pregnant and jeans that Hubby bought for me in the US.

When it comes to clothing, I am one woman with no desire to spend. So rummaging through the pile of jeans with 40% and 50% discount, I got a few pairs with my size. In the end, after all the calculative thinking, Hubby went to the cashier and paid for 2 pairs of Levi’s. Hopefully those jeans could last for at least 5 years..beli buku ratus2 takpe, beli baju rasa membazir gila (unless by dressing up, I could earn more money, tu lain citer la kan..haha!)

So that was the story..I am one happy homemaker today..hehe! Oh, the jeans must be sent to be altered before I can wear them..maklum la orang pendek..haha!

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  1. farah.. aah levis ade sale up to 70% tp nasib tak baik coz kite takleh fit in levis jeans..ade problem kt punggung.. ekekkeke… org yg selim melim bole la… 😀

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