A Poised Child, Anyone?

Remember the last entry where I wrote about all the books I previewed..hehe! I think I will buy this book : Six weeks to better parenting: the complete guide for creative raising of children two-twelve by Caryl Waller Krueger.

Reason being, I like all the values that the author mentioned in the book especially the part on how to raise a poised child. I am so lazy to copy word by word what the poise section says, but in simple language it means having a child who know how to “membawa diri”.

I’m sure it will do your child good as well since he/she won’t feel embarrassed or awkward being in an unfamiliar situation. Being poise is much more than knowing what to say, poise is also knowing what to do in a varieties of circumstances in strange places and in new experiences.

For example, even if your child is a city girl, she will feel at ease mingling around when brought to some kampung area for kenduri kendara..haha! (the kind of traits and criteria I hope to look for in my future daughter in law..)

Important to remember, a child does not gain poise just by going through the situation. We as the parents must prepare and let them practise. We have to give them opportunities to think on their own and act spontaneously, educate and give them knowledge. Lack of poise comes from the fear of looking foolish or the fear of making mistake or the fear of the unknown.

Very crucial that we as parents listen to our child, letting him know that his opinions are important and suggest ways to improve rather than criticize. A poised person has self esteem, and a child loses that when the parents are constantly criticizing or demeaning him.

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