A Resourceful Week

I am glad of myself..heh! This week I managed to find and read a lot of good materials on parenting topics like separation anxiety (at parents.com) and raising an only child.

As usual with the help of amazon.com and Google Books preview, I read these books (or the snippet of them..heh!):

Parenting an Only Child: The Joys and Challenges of Raising Your One and Only by Susan Newman Ph.D.

The Future of Your Only Child: How to Guide Your Child to a Happy and Successful Life by Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D.

Six weeks to better parenting: the complete guide for creative raising of children two-twelve by Caryl Waller Krueger

The Seven Common Sins of Parenting An Only Child: A Guide for Parents and Families by Carolyn White

Oh, BTW my no-cry sleep solution book has arrived at Hubby’s office. Can’t wait to check out the techniques and try them out so that I will be able to sleep at night peacefully..heh!


  1. good 4 u..
    i wish i can read cover2cover like u..i always doing it halfway…

    but im interested with no-cry sleep solution. maybe will check it out. my son now cry & nevr give up whenever i put him in his crib to sleep. haih

  2. I am yet to finish reading the necessary chapters in the no-cry sleep solution book. Will share it once I am able to try out the methods..heh!

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