The New Chef In The House..

Even since our son has been (and still is) super clingy to me, it becomes so hard for me to cook these days. And being in this housing area is a big mistake since all the kedai makan we tried sucks! huhu..there are times that I yearn for home made meals and since there’s no one else to cook for me, I have to train Hubby to do the cooking..heh!

So up till today, Hubby has managed to cook sup daging, ikan sweet sour and goreng bilis with bawang and caipo..(masak nasik tak kira la kan..hehe) of course he cheated here and there like the time he cooked sup daging and the sweet sour using the leftover that his sister brought on Sunday..but still, it was a great effort on his side. Imagine coming back from work, terus masuk dapor masak..I know how tiring it felt during my working years (and that time I only cooked on weekend, 1-2 times in a month)

I hope this clingy phase will soon be over..I miss having the chance to cook whenever and whatever I feel like eating..nevertheless I take it as a life experience and the inconveniences of raising a son. To Hubby, thanks for being my chef!


  1. MQ, my son is also in separation anxiety. he is always clingy to me, even when his tummy is filling, his diaper is dry or he had enuf nappin of the day…i hope it will be over soon too!

    now i let him run free…so he crawl & climb freely…a bit better, and maid can look after him when im in the kitchen.

    u r lucky to have hubby who wants to be in the kitchen :))

    take care

  2. I guess my hubby has no choice since we have no helper..but then again it’s the matter of privacy that we opt not to have maid..hehe..

    Oh, about the separation anxiety, I read for boys usually it lasts till 14 months, and boys usually cling more to mom until about 5-6 years old before he will look up more (read: spend time) to Dad 🙂

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