How Much It’s Worth?

I was bloghopping when I found these articles related to homemaker.

The first one : What’s a homemaker worth? The shocking truth makes me realize that if all the homemakers demand such pay, all the husband will go broke..haha!

They are typically constructed from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ average pay figures for a variety of occupations including:

* Child-care worker, $8.91 an hour
* Maid, $8.02 an hour
* Food preparation supervisor, $11.70 an hour
* Bookkeeper, $11.94 an hour
* Chauffeur, $8.67 an hour

The formula is simple. Figure out how many hours, on average, a homemaker performs each task, multiply those hours by the appropriate wage and come up with an impressive and completely overblown annual figure.

Sometimes they don’t even bother to determine working hours. Talk show host and investment adviser Ric Edelman decided that because mothers are constantly on call and perform all these functions, the appropriate figure was one that reflected the hourly rate for each of 17 occupations, performed simultaneously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s how he came up with an annual worth figure of more than $500,000.

For those who insist on working and let someone else raise your children for you, perhaps you should read this article : Second incomes: twice the work, half the return. I like what the last paragraph says:

Also on the bright side, discovering that a second income really doesn’t contribute much financially can free a spouse to learn new skills, go back to school, pursue an unprofitable dream career or launch a home-based business that may pay little during the first few years. If you’re going to work for free, after all, you might as well enjoy it.

So true!


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