A Quick Update

I’m off to bed in 10 minutes time (hopefully!) So this will be my quick update for the week.

We went to Subang Parade on Saturday in the attempt to run away from the renovation noise from our SS (go figure the bad word) neighbor..sigh! I don’t understand what took them so long to finish up the renovation…eeii sakit hati la..we were told that the next 2 days there will be more wall hacking..enough about that..

We tried the Tumble Tots Gymbabes session and I was not happy about it. They lack of manpower so I really feel that the RM60 spent for the trial session is such a waste..I might as well get some new educational toy from Toys R Us or a book on parenting and child play for that amount of money that I paid. But at least now I know what’s the Gymbabes is all about.

I think the main reason why I decided not to sign up for their monthly session was because our son didn’t enjoy it. If your kids are hyperactive or the type that always have excess energy, then perhaps this kind of Tumble here and there will suit him/her..heh! Our son is more to laid back type that prefers close attention from his parents. So I think rather than push him to attend such session, I might as well do my own Mama Tots session at home…hehe!

Oh…I’m still in search of good craft pliers for the coming class. We went to Mydin USJ on Friday to get supplies like brushes, scissors etc but somehow they no longer stock up the usual brushes that I bought earlier for decoupage classes..huhu!

For the coming class, I already got a new venue..the one in Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cyberjaya sucks big time! Not worth of RM65 per hour for such lousy service. Hopefully this time it will be better.

Well, that’s it for now! I will update more if I get some time off from the little one..hehe! Happy Monday and have fun working people!

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  1. yeah i suffered noisy renovation too latley. luckily i has stopped for while…i dont understand why they did not finish it all..sigh!

    where u staying? u seem to be quite close to my place, subang parade…usj,..btw im in bkt jelutong shah alam..currently 100% sahm 😀

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