Another Day In My Life…

A lot has been happening lately..some I don’t really feel like sharing especially when it’s family related (it’s always a sore subject when it comes to family).

The rest were like our car broke down (battery went dead) just before we headed for a friend’s wedding on Sunday, the weeks before it was air cond problem, and then the previous weeks I was busy with preparation for class and the wedding, and the day before the wedding (on Saturday) we had hard time finding sirih for sirih junjung..isk isk..just as you thought you have planned it all, things happen..huhu!

Nevertheless it all went well for the bride who is also an old friend from school. It’s a second marriage for her after the demise of her first husband..sad huh! But as the song says, patah tumbuh hilang berganti..I’m sure she has thought about it all through..fuhh..not sure how it will be if it was me, will I remarry? Will I stay single and raise the son of now, I think I will not remarry, but then again what if God has destined for me to have another married life, who knows, right?

Well, this is just some random thoughts that I have in mind today…nothing important in particular. And to leave you all with something pleasing to the eye, here is the picture of sirih junjung that I managed to make with whatever helaian sirih I got from the Indian florist in Puchong..heh!

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