How Many Kids You Want?

It’s kind of a popular question..if you are not married, people will ask when will you get married, once you are married, they will ask are you pregnant yet? and once you popped out your first child, they will ask when are you going to have the second one, if it’s a boy, they will ask don’t you want to have a girl?…sigh!

I don’t know about other women, but personally I feel really offended and demeaning when a man dictates how many kids he wants…hello?? no uterus, no demand, OK!

Do you know that it’s hard to be pregnant – if you don’t have morning sickness, then you are really a lucky woman, but if you do, then you know how it feels to puke all day long, whatever you eat and drink, come out through the mouth, right from your stomach once again makes you feel tired (some even vomit blood because the esophagus get irritated by too much vomiting), you are feeling really sick, your body are in silent pain – all the major organs are working too hard, all the joints stretch to accommodate the extra weight causing pelvis pain, backache, the heart is pumping more as if you are climbing a mountain, you have nausea, and you put up with all these just because you want to bear your hubby’s son or daughter..

I think if God grant a man a capability of conceiving and giving birth, the entire human population will soon diminish.

And not to mention the agony of childbirth, the pain during contraction, the pushing out process, even with petadine, you will still feel the pain. I just can’t imagine how women in the old age stand childbirth without any drugs, no wonder some even die while giving birth..huhu!

It’s painful to the extent that when the gynae is doing the episiotomy, snipping your perineum, you can hear her scissors snipping but you don’t feel the pain or rather can’t differentiate the pain because the contraction pain was more powerful..(as Hubby said he saw the blood gushing out from the snipping wound, luckily he didn’t faint! heh!)

Note: Episiotomy is a procedure where the skin between the vagina and the anus is cut. (This area is called the the perineum.)

During childbirth, the area called the perineum is often cut to facilitate delivery (A). First, a local anesthetic may be given (B). The perineum is cut on an angle with scissors (C). After delivery, the layers of muscle and skin are repaired (D and E). (Illustration by GGS Inc.)

And the sore that comes after the episiotomy…huhu…and yet a man dare to ask for sex after 30 days (I heard stories about some men who do it even during his wife’s confinement period – 20 days..what a beast! – as if he can’t think of anything else but sex, and the timid wife gave in painfully because she feels that it’s her tanggungjawab, takut nanti laki cari pompuan lain, bullshit!) Imagine if someone slash your penis and during the healing time someone rape you..

And the burden doesn’t stop there, some women battle with postpartum depression, fighting the weight gain problem (bini dah gemuk lepas beranak, komplen pulak tu), and the tiring experience of raising a child..oh, please don’t preach to me about all the pahala of being a mom, try for once taking over a little bit of her responsibility and you’ll know why God give such big appraisal for the job..

For all the men who simply “do it” and somehow proud of impregnating their wives every year (konon jantan habis la tu), I am not sure whether your wives do it because she really love children, or she terpaksa dalam rela, or she has to put up with all of these susah payah because she wants to be isteri yang taat, giving in to your demand to have how many children in how many years…as a woman, I pity her!

To all men (who happen to read this), I don’t mean to create any controversial issue here, but if you could at least sit back and ponder through, I hope you could appreciate your wife even more for all that she has done for you..

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