The New Studio

I’m not sure how soon I can be back into full operation, but currently I’m doing some hantaran stuffs for a friend for a July event. We decided to devote this one room for my SOHO space, means that this is where my craft studio will be from now on until I could find a shop lot for the business.

All of the craft stuffs were packed in the boxes, even the shelves and the display cabinet have been placed in the room.

The old air cond which has been installed in the previous master bedroom is now the SOHO air cond. There is also a ceiling fan just in case I need some breezy air (I don’t like opening the windows especially when I am working on a certain project!)

I’m not sure when will I have the time to sort and arrange all the craft materials, although some of them will stay in the boxes until the time I need them for coming project…sigh!

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