The Coming March..

I finally have the time and mood to update this blog. I have been staring at the admin page for the past 2 days, waiting for the inspiration and correct words to, actually I have a lot in mind to share but every time I start to blog, there’s always distraction.

My son refused to sleep again last night. I think he only fell asleep around 6 or 7am. As of now at 2:30am, he is sleeping thus the possibility of me to update this blog..heh! In 2 days time we will be in March..I love it when the time flies which means soon my son will no longer be a baby. If I have the power, I would like him to grow up to be a 5-year-old boy tomorrow..heh!

March seems to be a busy month, with friend’s wedding, relative’s wedding, niece’s engagement and hopefully the craft classes as well. I need to finish up the craft stock as much as possible so that it will be easier for me to pack everything, in the effort of moving to our new home…hehe..(Oh God! I hate packing..)

In the meantime, I aim to finish up the bunga telur order for May wedding before end of April. I am in the midst of preparing all the ribbons and calculating how much more materials to buy in KL. Since I have a baby, going out anywhere feels like a chore especially to KL to buy craft material..huhu! I hardly buy groceries now. Thanks to Hubby for doing all the necessary buying though sawi hijau turns out to be kailan..hehe!

Well, since tomorrow (more like today) is Friday..enjoy your weekend, people! See you again next week..heh!

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