Oh, God!

There are days that simply tiring, and trying my will and patience as a mom..huhu! God knows how many times I told myself over and over that maybe I am not cut out to be a mom, ever or how I wish I am more energetic to brave through all these tiring experiences.

Yet somehow I know that since God has granted my wish and bestowed me with this child, it is a amanah that I have to take good care of and give his hak to the best that I can. But I can’t help feeling depressed and sad over few stupid remarks made by stupid people, things like ruginya ada degree tak keje, kalau keje boleh bantu suami, bla bla…duhhh..I have so many good points to rebut their remarks but I don’t feel like justifying my personal choice. And funny things are I realized that those who say such remarks are those that they themselves don’t have a degree or have to work to help support their husbands..cehh!

I can go on and on, on this topic but I guess those who are stupid and ignorant will simply stay the way they are so there’s no point for me to waste my energy on this matter.

On a lighter note, I have bought a book titled Your Child at Play: Birth to One Year : Discovering the Senses and Learning About the World (Your Child at Play Series) by Marilyn Segal. I tried to find a new one on MPH and Kinokuniya but they don’t have the book so I resorted to buy a used one on eBay. Hopefully this book will arrive soon since I am still waiting for the nursing bra I bought few weeks back (must have been stranded at the post office or the Customs..huhu!)

Oh, today I managed to have my lunch, took my shower and even pampered my face with toner and moisturizer despite the fact that I am sleep deprived as my son kept me awake last night from 1:30am till 8am this morning..sigh!


  1. yeah, agree with sarah.

    even myself ada degree pun, kalau ada hubby, nak jugak dok rumah relax relax macam ko.

    penat keje gaji pun habis gak.

  2. tu la aku malas nak bertekak..lg pon who r they to pass judgement towards my decision in life..hehe..

    kalau keje, balik rumah still kena buat keje rumah, jaga anak semua..double load dah tu..huhu!

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