The Third Week of Feb..

There are days that seems to move so slow (especially when the baby refuses to sleep at wee hour..huhu), but somehow we are already in the third week of February 2009.

I requested Hubby to capture this picture of purple flower in front of our current home last month since I would like to keep it as memory once we move to our new house. The tree is big (more than 2 metres tall) so it is impossible to plant it in our new almost-soil-less yard..heh! And I am pretty sure that the maintenance office won’t put such a big tree lining up the road as their decorative element in that gated community.

So if there is one thing that I will miss here in this housing area, it would be this purple flower tree..(note to self: find the name of the tree later).

I am still contemplating whether to reheat the leftover tomyam Hubby bought last night for my lunch today or to order something from Pizza Hut..heh! Oh, the baby is not sleeping, squealing in delight in the playpen, amusing himself.

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