Bila Nak Merdeka…

Jeng jeng jeng..I am almost there..about a week towards my merdeka day..not that I’ve been following strict berpantang regime for the past few days..heh! I’ve been walking up and down the stairs, did the laundry, went out to dry the clothes, and cooked simple meal for Hubby. But I am still berpantang makan since I’m scared that I will bentan again.

So, what will I do once the 44 days are over? First stop will be Secret Recipe since I have been yearning to eat cake..heh! After all that’s the nearest makan place to our house. But still no ice for me though. I plan to berpuasa ice for 100 days (macam impossible je?) Maybe I will drink cold drinks from the fridge but not one with ice cube in it..(takde harapan nak minum watermelon kat Secret Recipe..huhu!)

During the weekend maybe we will venture out a bit farther..steamboat at Johnny’s perhaps or to the Curve or Ikano. Not sure how the outing will be with the newborn since so far we haven’t been to anywhere except to SIL’s house and the clinic. I hope he will be OK with jalan-jalan or otherwise balik rumah meragam, naya la aku tak tido malam..huhu!

I think I’m beginning to get used to being a mom (less sleep, minimal own activity, time mostly revolves around nursing, diaper changing and layan sorang budak yang suka merengek tu..heh!) I know once he grows a bit, I will miss the time when he lies helpless in my arm, the smile of contentment after nursing, the cherub angelic face when he sleeps so peacefully. Maybe that’s why people keep on getting pregnant and giving birth to new babies..haha!

But then again, I can’t wait for him to grow up, to bring him to the zoo, swimming, playing in the playground, his first bicycle ride, a picnic at the makes sense now why people want kids. Oh, don’t ask me when I want my second baby..I still need time to catch up on my lost sleep..huhu!


  1. MQ,
    sabo beb….fhm mcm tulah rsnya ms first baby…
    Ice tu klu pantang selamanya lg bagus…lg2 utk yg selalu sakit bdn…mcm sy ni
    Klu teringin sgt br minum….
    Lps ni kn rajin makan supplement atau jamu ler itupun klu tertelan ler…sy ngaku mmg amik supplement klu x x termampu uruskan sumenya dlm rmh ni
    Sabar menanti hari merdeka..

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