The Paed, Sinetron & Long Weekend..

We managed to find a paed to go today. Reason being Hubby is worried sick that our son has been breathing heavily and has stuffy nose. Actually we wanted to go and check yesterday but all paeds were on Christmas leave. After researching around, I decided to see Dr Nazim at Az Zahrah, Bangi and fortunately he is good and not menyakitkan hati..haha!

My first impression when I went into his clinic was like..alamak doktor pakai kopiah tarbus la plak..I’m not being judgmental but experiences have taught me that certain people gaya-gaya Usrah ni is more annoying than those yang hu-ha cucuk langit. But Dr Nazim was allright, he explained in details and checked our son carefully. He even has one small koala bear hanging on his stethoscope. So now we are not worried anymore. The heavy breathing and the stuffy nose is all because of tersedak susu, more to overfeeding, nothing to be worried as his respiratory system, heart and lungs were all normal.

Dr Nazim advised us to bedung the baby tightly as erratic legs movement will push the milk from the tummy upwards causing more sedak susu. Now we know why all these orang tua2 bedung newborns, not because all the kaki kengkang excuses..huhu!

I hardly notice that this weekend is supposed to be a long weekend. For someone in confinement, it makes no difference whether it’s weekend or not. There’s a friend’s wedding tomorrow which if I am not in confinement I would like to go. Oh talking about Sinetron Indon, I watched Istri Untuk Suami Ku again today. It’s the usual family crap – the mom emphasizing her rights, the usual perasaan seorang ibu bullshit, forcing the child to choose between the spouse or her, and the menantu trying hard to live up to her standard, making child issue as a big deal.

Well, now being a mom myself I hope and pray that there will never be a moment in my life that I have to be that kind of mother, God forbid, I wouldn’t want history to repeat itself.

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