30 More Days To Go..

The most anticipated thing after the baby was born is the merdeka day from the confinement period. I have 30 more days to go, to be spent in this bedroom..huhu..although I think I will cheat every now and then, to turun tangga and lepak in the living hall..hehe…(patut ke aku? tak bentan ke nanti..huhu!)

Talking about bentan, I have 2 incidents that I think something like nak bentan..first after I selamba ate 2 slices of papaya, well, you can’t blame me since I haven’t poop even after gulping down the stool softener which Hubby bought from pharmacy..insaf sekejap and now I understand why people said don’t eat makanan sejuk..huhu.. but since I still can’t pass bowel, I asked Hubby to buy prune and pati prune pulak…that ended up with another incident of badan menggigil at night..so after all the trial and error, I think I found the solution in taking one orange every night after dinner.

This evening Hubby went out to Jusco to find anti clog for the downstairs toilet drain. It seems that the oil and grease from the kitchen sink have accumulated further into the drain pipe towards the toilet, which makes everything worse as we use the toilet mainly for laundry. Today Hubby can’t do any laundry since the water overflow from the drain and not seeping at all.

BTW, I just had Prosperity burger for tea..heh! Come to think again, the beef is not fried, and since it’s bread and black pepper sauce, it shouldn’t be a problem, hopefully..I will blog later if it cause any stomach upset to the baby.


  1. Pot,

    Drpd oren baik ko mkn epal hijau. Bnykkan sket minum air so lawas sket…turun naik tangga boleh tp kena very very sopan and tak leh aa bnyk kali sgt dlm sehari kan… 🙂

  2. MQ,
    kali kali bersalin masalahnya tu jugak…kn minum air byk bukn minum seteguk mcm tu minum sikit2.
    Klu mak sy dia x bg makan masam dia kata luka kat dalam tu blm baik lagi..
    last2 beli anema kat farmasi br blh membuang terpaksa ler….

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