Almost 2 Weeks..

I’m blogging this as I am waiting for the mak bidan to come and complete the 3 day mengurut and bertungku session. I SMSed her earlier to come at 2pm (I woke up at 1pm) but she replied that she’ll be late today for the mengurut session because she needs to go to KL first. Baby has been bathed and fed and now happily sleeping like a log..tido mati mcm mak dia..hahah..despite the dung dang dung dang drilling and hammering, renovation at the next door house.

BTW, we have new neighbor who makes noise and was warned by Hubby this morning..heh! As SIL said, masuk je rumah sebelah terus kena tell me sapa tak bengang, I was trying to sleep at 9am after the whole night of feeding and diaper changing and yet got distracted with all the hempas pintu and tung tang tung tang noise her maid made while cleaning the toilet.

And Hubby said they are not done with moving in since their furnitures and all are not in the house when he went for the “social” visit..heh! They moved in last night thus the anjing menyalak after midnite which I thought ada hantu ke apa..hopefully there won’t be any more hassle with them later. Cepat la dapat pindah rumah sendiri..huhu!

Talking about the mak bidan, I changed to a new one instead of the one that I’ve booked since May. Reason being the first one kept giving excuses not to come, nak bayar sehari RM80 for 2 weeks pon tak nak ke..she said she was busy completing another client in KL who takes her service for one month..haih…sometimes I don’t understand people..I said I don’t mind she comes in the afternoon after the morning client and what I asked her to do is simply urut and bertungku since the rest of the regime I could manage on my own. But perhaps it’s all a blessing in disguise since the new one I paid seems to be providing good service. Puas hati la as she even urut the back part which helps the bowel movement becomes an easier ordeal.

So now since I will have excess money from the mak bidan budget, (the current one only charge RM70 x 3 days), maybe I should reward myself something nice after these 44 days confinement period..hehe..I plan to take another 3 days of berurut and bertungku during the last week of the confinement (some call as urut penutup, sengkak rahim etc) although Hubby said why not continue the current berurut till 7 days.

I think I better get ready for mandi herba. It’s already 5pm and if I bathe after the bidan comes and complete the 2 hour session, it will be too late already.


  1. Well it was not anything like “sound”. I simply told her that I have a newborn baby and would appreciate it if we can discuss if she needs to decorate her house e.g. banging on nails or anything like that.

    She should understand. I just saw her 3 kids while watering the plants.

  2. Time kena urut mmg best yg x best time pantang mcm2 x blh buat….
    Oookesiannya sy dah pindah 2 kali ni dah pernah kena perkara yang sama…
    Ada 1 masa tu Najmi xblh nk tido takut bunyi bising sgt…

  3. seronoknye berurut… time nilah nak bermanja.. bila minta tolong, semua org buatkan… hehehe
    eh, ur new jiran tu, tak pernah berpantang kot… huhuhu sian u dan bb..

  4. yin, urut mmg best tapi tak best sebab bosan nak tunggu habis pantang ni..huhu..

    nurd, jiran baru tu dah senyap dah..Hubby kata dorang anak beranak mcm OK je..

    j-jay, don’t worry, aku part urut2 ni mmg suka..perut so far dah kempis cuma belum cukup mantap..kdg2 mengelat bila time nak berbengkung..hehehe..

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