Ayah, Bapak, Abah?

I’m a mom now.

A baby boy was born on the eve of Aidil Adha. Can’t believe that the bundle of joy is finally here after the whole length of pregnancy, the morning sickness, the back pain, the 6 hours of contraction, the labor pain, the episiotomy (which is nothing compared to the contraction), the agonizing pain after the episiotomy (heavily relied on Ponstan)..

and now many of the sleepless nights (though I still manage to doze off every now and then), the never ending diaper change, me being best friend with the baby wipes (thanks for the invention or otherwise I might not be able to wipe his poop 10 times a day), the berpantang regime..

I am grateful that Hubby is around to take care during this first week, he cooks, cleans, bathe me and baby, giving in to my demand..nak minum milo, dah lapar nak mkn nasik..sapukan param, pilis, ikat bengkung, rendam herba mandian, herba basuhan..

Which comes to the question, what should my son calls his dad – ayah, bapak, abah, daddy? Babah sounds like a good one, not too garang and sound manja enough, since abah brings many unhappy thought and memories for both of us although we love abah, well, the idea of what an abah should be..

I will be starting the complete berpantang regime next Monday. I requested the confinement lady to come in the afternoon since morning is kind of hectic for me and the baby. He usually sleeps more in the afternoon so that it won’t interrupt the bertungku, mengurut, bertangas process etc.

Oh, my dinner is here..another round of sayur air and ikan bakar..huhu..can’t wait for these 44 days to be over.


  1. MQ, tahniah…patut lh dah br ada post br ni.
    Banyak2 bersabar n selamat berpantang.
    Wah bertuahnya badan..rajinnya hubby awak…
    Kami dulu pilih ‘ayah’ & ‘ibu’ sbb skrg ni dah rmi sgt gn mama,mummy, daddy, papa (blh keluarga hubby dah guna) sblh sy pulak mak n abah emm so kami decide guna yg tu..
    So apa panggilan rasmi yg dipilih?
    Smoga semakin bahagia n ceria sekeluarga..tahniah sekali lg

  2. dear, so sorry tak sempat lagi nak pegi visit ko and baby padahal tak sampai 5 mins drive pun kan! insya Allah.. soon.. say HI kat baby Ilham ok 🙂

  3. Congratulations!

    I still remember the time when u mentioned about not-ready thing for babies, tup tap tup tap, dah selamat melahirkan seorang cahayamata rupanya.

    Semoga perjalanan hidup seorang ibu selepas ini adalah saat-saat terbaik dan indah untuk dikongsi bersama.

  4. congrats!! hehe…comel baby awak! name pon cute jgak!

    u are so so SO LUCKY to have a very ‘undescribeable’ husband..hehehe…

    p/s : tak tau nak gune perkataan ape dah..
    mmg dah besar rahmat dah tu.. =)

  5. You gurls, thanks for all the warm wishes..I’m adjusting well to being a mom now..can’t wait for the baby to grow up so that I can catch up with my Sleeping Beauty slumber..huhuhu…

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