Wedding Anniversary..

I can’t believe it’s already been our 5th wedding anniversary. For some they already have kids at play school or even tadika..and yet we are anxiously waiting for our firstborn..heh!

Hubby was on leave on the day itself, courtesy of his mat saleh boss who insisted that he took the day off. I was out of idea where to have special lunch or dinner for the anniversary, (it couldn’t be dinner since Hubby has meeting at 10pm) so we ended up going to the Curve. At first I felt like eating something sweet so we decided to have pancakes at Paddington House of Pancake. After all it was around tea time when we reached The Curve and we already had lunch sent by earlier.

But once I read the menu I felt like trying their savoury galette since I have been wanting to eat anchovies and sun dried tomatoes. Blame it on Jamie Oliver for showing anchovies in his recipe..I think for those who hate budu, cincalok and all sorts of ikan masin bacin you will find this mat saleh anchovies as repulsive..haha..(will blog more about the food later in my other blog)

Hubby was sad that his favorite Colonial Times restaurant has been replaced by Bondi Bar and Grill, maybe not many people are willing to pay so much for Indian food thus the demise of such a nice and cosy restaurant..huhu!

We then walked to Ikano, with my sole intention to check the stock of the baby bedding at Aussino. And check out what I bought, finally!

It’s the parents’ wedding anniversary and yet the baby got the present..heh! I was so happy that I managed to buy the bedding set. Now my precious one can sleep in the baby cot with all the comfort of 100% cotton surrounding by the lion, monkey and zebra..haha! I love the other design that they have of cows, but since I am yet to try the quality of Aussino, we will buy that other set later.

We went to Borders and I bought an anniversary card for Hubby. I was planning to make my own card using all the scrapbooking and cardmaking items I have in stock but I guess the ready made one was easier to choose…(tu pon I have to halau Hubby go see books and magazine so that I can choose the card for him..heh!) Hubby got a card for me the day earlier, konon2 singgah Jusco to buy KFC but actually to get a card for me..keh keh! Thanks Hubby, I really treasure it.

On the way back, we stopped by at Pelita Nasi Kandar in Subang, tapau the food as our anniversary dinner…(remember we have to rush home for 10pm conference call). I bought another stack of DVDs (there is one DVD shop in front of Pelita..shhh..) including Max Payne, (bodoh la citer tu…I watched merely because of Mark Wahlberg) But I have a few more DVDs like The Duchess, Madagascar 2 to watch so hopefully they aren’t all disappointing.

Well, that’s what happened on the wedding anniversary day! It might sound boring and not extravagant enough for a celebration but I was happy enough to spend it with the man I love. Hopefully we will have many more wedding anniversary to celebrate in years to come.


  1. Hepi Anniversery….smoga btambah bahagia dan ceria menanti kehadiran cahayamata….
    Tumpang bahagia baca cite bahagia.
    Kami pernah makan kat Colonial Times tu dulu.itulah kali pertama dan terakhir kami pergi.
    Amat mahal…rsnya lg best makan kat kedai biasa je..
    Take care.

  2. Thanks Yin for the wish..Colonial Times tu mmg mahal pon kalau nak banding dgn kedai biasa..sekali sekala bila mkn tu OK la..sebab tempat dia sunyi, tak ramai org gitu banding tempat2 mkn lain kat The Curve, sesuai kalau nak romantik..hehehe..

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