What A Boring Day!

It’s such a boring day today, though the ambience around and my feeling today is much better compared to the past few days. Must be the upside down of the hormone cycle I had lately. On the family matter, I have decided not to let anyone inclusive MIL to come during confinement since I already hired a confinement lady to help for 14 days. It is costly but I prefer it that way. I don’t have to put up with all the menjaga hati nonsense, trying to please any old folks etc..plus if everything goes well, I should be up and running after the first 2 weeks. So since I can manage it on my own, why should I need other people breathing down my neck. I am not sure how they will take it, but I just don’t care..huh!

On personal matter, today my lunch and dinner arrived on time and I think the food taste good with the menu of kari daging with rebung, kerabu kacang botor for lunch and nasi goreng kampung, telur mata with sup sayur campur for dinner. Must be a good day for the cook as well since everything taste just right. You see with home meal cooking, mood is a very important factor to ensure the tastiness of the food.

Oh, I bought a few fiction books from MPH online today since those online purchase entitles me for 30-20% discount. I put Hubby’s office address as the shipping address since I am not very fond of waiting for postal service these days. At least at Hubby’s office there will always be someone at the front office accepting the delivery..heh! The delivery date is 27th Nov which is about a week from today. Hopefully those books will arrive safely as this is the first time I try to buy books online from MPH. Oh, they accept Maybank2u for payment mode. Another good reason to spend the money in the account..haha!

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