We Bought It!

We managed to go to Damansara Cineleisure to watch Bond yesterday, courtesy of Hubby’s company. Funny translation of James Bond – Quantum of Solace (Bond 22- Ketenangan Dalam Kesengsaraan) Does quantum really means kesengsaraan? huhu..never heard that when I studied Quantum of Physics..keh keh..nevertheless OK la Bond this time..what do you expect, right!

After that we walked to Ikano with the main intention to buy baby bedding set at Aussino. In case they have stock and better choices there, but alas, not even one set is available. They do have discount for Kids and Bath Fair but that’s not what we need at the moment. Thought of buying cot and mattress in IKEA but since I was like snail walking in agony, plus we parked the car in the Curve so it will be a hassle to bring all the stuffs to the car, we walked back to the Curve (after dinner at Kluang Station) and checked out few baby stuff stores there.

In the end, we bought the package from The First Few Years, around RM800 for the 3-in-1 convertible cot and fibre mattress, and free fitted sheet for the mattress. I like their designer bumper cot and bedding set but too expensive, almost the same price as the cot itself. We brought home the fibre mattress and the fitted sheet and Hubby has to go (alone) again this weekend to take the cot as our car is too small to accommodate all. They do have delivery service for the charge of RM50 but I rather we take it on our own. Malas nak tunggu org deliver ni, mcm tunggu buah tak gugur je, bila kurun nak sampai barangnya..huhu!

Hopefully Aussino Alamanda will call me soon to inform the availability of the baby cot set. I would like to settle everything within this month so that if I were to deliver early, Hubby won’t have to rush everywhere to handle all the necessary matters.


  1. Rasanya sesuai bwk budak2 tgk BOND sebab rating dia PG13, aksi2 SX pon byk kena potong..tapi part2 ganas tu still ada la..

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