Planning Your Next Vacation?

While browsing for nothing in particular the other night, I found this good website that offers online travel guides to places like Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles and many more.

It reminds me of the time Hubby went to Boston but didn’t go on the Boston tours his friends were recommending about. Being alone on a trip is certainly no fun so he ended up just going on a trip to MIT and Chinatown, having a bowl of laksa at one of the Malaysian restaurants there..huhu..pity Hubby! I guess if I was with him, we will surely take that Old Town Trolley tour.

Nevertheless Hubby said he had good time there, not to mention the experience of knocking a cup of hot coffee on the woman who sat beside him on the flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Blame that on his lack of sleep and jetlag..I hope the lady won’t find the whole journey very annoying. Oh, no major damage done there, anyway!

I can only hope next year or next, next year we will have the chance to go to Boston for Hubby’s technical training and short vacation. With a child around, I’m sure the experience will be fascinating to remember.

If you are somehow happen to be in Orlando, perhaps you can consider visiting this Cypress Gardens Florida. For gardening enthusiast, being in one of the most famous gardens in the world would certainly add the perk to your day 🙂 And for your kids, there are 40 rides for children of all ages including 5 coasters and the world’s tallest spinning rapids ride. I’m sure Hubby wouldn’t agree to the thrilling riding ideas though..huhu!

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