Dunstan Baby Language, Puding Mango & Spaghetti..

I read about Dunstan baby language in the Motherhood magazine I bought, and feel tempted to learn more about it. Unfortunately there’s no store in Malaysia which sells the DVD. Found a good deal on ebay but it’s still 4 days before the bidding ends. If my luck is good and the bidding end price is reasonable (plus the shipping) I would be able to learn more about what the cries mean..heh!

Oh, I finally boil the instant mango pudding and now it’s cooling in the fridge. I hope it won’t smell like the tempoyak I have in the fridge..huhu! Actually I was looking for some plastic jelly mould but couldn’t find any in Jusco so I bought a cake mould in love shape. Perhaps later when my child is older I can use the tin to make a small cake for his/her 1st birthday..hehe!

Since I am still not satisfied with any spaghetti I had before (had Delifrance meatball spaghetti on Sunday), I decided to cook my own beef bolognaise today. After all I still have to return Ju’s tupperware so it seems spaghetti for her spaghetti..heh! And I am going to Jusco again tonight to get chicken, hopefully they have better looking chicken today. Went on Monday but they were out of healthy looking chicken pieces. Now what to cook with the chicken?

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