I Can’t Wait…

Tomorrow afternoon is the moment I am waiting for, for the past 18 days (feels like 18 weeks..huhu)..Hubby will be reaching KLIA around noon and he will take the ERL to Putrajaya then I will go and fetch him there. By 6am our time on Monday he will be in Taipei before another long hours to KLIA, pity Hubby.

I have done my groceries shopping, marinated the chicken and boil the stock for nasi ayam tomorrow. I don’t think I am up to eat it for lunch, today I had lunch and I have this loya feeling till night..huhu..so let Hubby eats all he wants and I will have my home made nasi ayam for dinner instead.

My life will be back to normal in no time soon, tell you, it’s hard being alone, doing all the house chores, pay the bills, find food to eat..huhu..honestly, being married is the best. You know there will be that someone who will be so kind even after long hours at work to throw the rubbish, do the laundry, clean the dishes at times you feel you don’t want to do those chores. You know by the due date all the bills will be paid, the groceries you bought will be stacked nicely on the rack and those drinks will be kept chilled in the fridge. At times we take that for granted until we are deprived of that conveniences.

I want that back in my life and I thank Hubby for those things he does, I am one grateful person, I know that now!


  1. alhamdulillah, u’ve survived 🙂 (more concerned abt u due to ur current berbadan dua cond and stayed alone)

    sure rindu sgt2, ni kannn.. 😉 takpeee..mesti byk gifts and stuff utk wifey and baby tercinta..

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