Shopping Again??

Hubby went to Premium Outlets in Wrentham Village again yesterday after work to exchange the perfume. He mistakenly bought Red Delicious for men..heh! But looks like he ended up buying more items for the baby, the mommy and the daddy..huhu!


These are some of the baby clothings he bought. Now we already have the cap, the blanket, socks and mostly the essential stuffs to take the baby home. Jusco is having sale until 15 June and I think we will buy those singlet and baju lubang-lubang here. Hubby told me that he bought each size from 3,6,9 up to 12 month so hopefully the baby will have ample time to wear each clothing.

Oh, I got socks from Nike to be worn during confinement..hehe..6 pairs for $12.


  1. tips for the day, dont overbuy baju for newborn coz ppl will come n bwk hampers yg berisik baju baby. hehe.. serious! and babies do grow really fast, siap kdg smpat pakai sekali je baju tuh.

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