The Trip To Jalan TAR

I feel like ages since the last time I updated this blog, busy yes especially with another dateline looming near. Today despite the fact that I really hesitate to go out alone, I did go to KL to get some stuffs for the bunga pahar order. Damn! Never thought that the glitters won’t be enough for the lilac lily. I managed to buy more paper napkin for the coming decoupage class and a pair of cotton shirt and Yoga pants from Miki maternity..Sogo ada sales la pulak..ok la RM50++ after the discount, after all I need a comfy pants to wear these days.

Anyway, Hubby just called to ask what kind of jeans I want from the Levi’s store in Wrentham Village. Well for something like USD29 per pair, it’s really, really cheaper than those sold here in Malaysia…of course to be safe I asked him to buy one size bigger so that I will have more time to wear the jeans with my current bulging tummy..heh! Hubby told me that he already bought few baby clothing at the mall and perhaps he will be going again as next weekend they are having Memorial Day Sale. My Hubby the shopaholic..hehehe!

Well, I need to continue my work though I feel really tired (more to malas) and would love to lie back and do nothing..meraung la pengantin kalau bunga pahar dia tak siap Rabu ni..heh!


  1. Gembira tgk Farah dah boleh teruskan rutin harian pd peringkat awal mengandung ni. Take care..hari-hari mengandung hinggalah bersalin ada lah hari-hari penting.Tapi sebenarnya semua hari ada lah penting.
    Sportingnya hubby memahami lg…:)

  2. Yin, risau jugak kalau pitam ke apa ke kat tgh KL tu..seb baik selamat semua..tapi mmg letih dan tak secergas dulu la..kalau tak, mau lagi byk buleh borong kat sales Sogo tu..haha!

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