One Almost Down, One More To Do

I have no pictures to share, and even once I have completed the bunch of bunga pahar (she will collect it by tomorrow), I am not sure whether I will take one. Rasa malas pulak nak cucuk all those bunga at batang pahar and set up the mini studio..huhu. I hope the client will be kind enough to take few pictures of the bunga pahar at the pelamin.

Then there will be another bunch to be completed by 21st May and 2 classes that weekend. And after that I can do nothing all day (which I doubt sebab sure boring giler tak buat apa..kan)

My morning sickness is getting better these days. I had nasi lemak ikan masin, jagung rebus and laksa (bought them in the evening) after I send off Hubby at KLIA and yet at 4am I can’t sleep because I am hungry..huhu!

Perhaps tomorrow after my client comes and collect her bunga pahar, I will drive to JUSCO to get some ingredients for macaroni sup..hehe! Tapi sapa nak tolong basuh pinggan..huhu! See how it goes tomorrow or otherwise I can always opt for take away from Secret Recipe.


  1. Hey you!
    Congratulations on the good news! I had not been bloghopping for awhile since the connection at home was screwed up at best heh…
    Take good care, ok? I was lucky that I didn’t have morning sickness at all. The only time I was sick was when I had the fever. I did not get morning sickness. I get sick most of the times.
    Very miserable one week, that was 🙂
    You take good care, ok hon

  2. Mar,I hope my morning sickness is getting better, at times je la rasa sgt serik pregnant..but best jugak bila ada husband pampered kan time2 mcm ni..hehehe..

    Zino, kakak ipar dtg tulun basuh pinggan..baik kakak ipar ku..hehehe..

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