Phone Cards, Why Buy?

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Why would anyone buy phone cards these days? With everyone having cell phone and land line with rates that are very affordable, the only answer will be to save on the long distance bills. Imagine trying to call home from overseas from your roaming cell phone, after a while it will cost you a bomb that might be equal to the amount of the airfare ticket..heh!


Since Hubby will be going to US soon for training, I think it will be very good for him to look around for the international calling card that offers good rate per minute. I have checked around and found one with $0.63/min. I am yet to discover the cheapest rate. Otherwise for that two weeks duration we might as well communicate through email and chat online..huhu!

The company, Phone Cards Avenue provides the best international calling cards online. All of their phone cards are delivered online instantly so you can make the call right away. If you are not sure how to choose they even have instructions online on how to buy the phone cards. What you only need is a valid credit card number after you sign up in order to authenticate yourself.


I think I just found one from New York X-clusive that offers $0.43 per minute. I think this is for calls to Malaysia land line since the rate for cellular is $1.96/min. I still have to check whether any call made from other state in the US will give the same rate or is it only for calls made from New York. There is another one from Nine (800 & Local Access) Phone Card that offers $0.46/min.

I am reading their FAQ and I think it’s clear now. In terms of buying the card, as soon as my online transaction is approved, I will receive an email with the Access numbers, PIN and Dialing Instructions. And as long as I use their posted toll free access numbers I will not get charged anything extra except for my mobile phone minutes, if I use a mobile phone.


  1. good advice.. zino also want to look for this kind of card.. but i just active my cellphone roaming a few hours ago.. is it that expensive?

  2. kalau roaming mmg mahal, kalau terima call in pon kita kena bayar, hari tu masa kat singapore, husband terima call dari boss di US, 20 minit lebih pon kena bayar dlm RM30++, tak tau la kalau lain provider selain Maxis rate dia lagi murah kan..

    tapi kalau boleh claim bill phone tak pe la..kalau nak bayar sendiri yg sakit tu…huhu

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