The Last Weekend Of March ’08

Just as I thought I won’t be having any class this weekend, timing proved it wrong. On Friday afternoon, 5 students confirmed to come for Saturday class and another 2 interested to be in Sunday class. So my plan to jalan-jalan poofed in the air and in return I got RM400 for the 2 days of freedom (not the whole 2 days, just the first half of the day light..hehe..exagerate je lebih).

On Saturday we still managed to go for dinner (after sending off a friend at ERL for his Helsinki trip), I was craving for som tam and the only decent place to have it is in Johnny’s. I noticed their portion of food is getting smaller but who cares since I’m not a big eater either, frequent, yes but in very minimal amount. Oh, Alamanda now has GSC but since we were rushing last night (I still need to prepare the kit for Sunday class) we didn’t have the chance to check out the cinema.

On Sunday, Hubby went to discuss about the new IT project which hopefully if he gets could pay for my ticket to US. There is a possibility of Hubby going for training in US soon so if we can get extra money, I might be going with him. Well, that story asides, my students came for bunga stokin class and the last one went back around 2:30pm after discussing about bunga pahar she would like to order from me. If there is one thing I like the most of my job as craft instructor, it would be the opportunity to get to know all kind of people, chatting and learning more about their life, their job, their view on life.

Once she left, I watered the plants and by then I realized that I was starving but Hubby was still in KL. So since I have nothing edible in the fridge and the fact that I am usually on cooking strike on weekend, I decided to order food from Pizza Hut. Thai tuna roll, meatball spaghetti, a can of Pepsi, soup of the day and garlic bread costs me RM28.04. Having the freedom of a homemaker – priceless..heh!

Hubby is back at the moment and we plan to watch Heroes he downloaded. It might sounds like a boring weekend, but at my age, at the edge of 30 I just don’t have the curiosity and excitement of a teenager anymore. The thought of window shopping, walking around aimlessly at the mall just drain my energy. Perhaps it’s about time that we consider having a child to play with..haha!

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  1. conclusion of the entry: the last sentence..


    some says to really know/appreciate parents’ love, is to have own child..

    and somehow, once having own child, we might also bring out the child in ourselves too..


    mcm aku ni, sapa sangka aku boleh pi join masuk main kids zone (sbb parents must accompany kids, so nak taknak naik sama mcm lawak pun ye gak..hahah seronok pulak tiba2 jadi budak2 balik..)

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