My April Plan

I think I’m getting back the sense of direction after days of doing nothing…heh! Well, this is what I plan to do (especially with Hubby on leave for 11 days).

Things I want to do:
1. Go to The Gardens and see the new art shop called Art Friend
2. Pay my friend a visit at her songket booth in Pameran Kraf Kebangsaan in Jalan Conlay
3. Attend the quickies classes for glass painting and porcelain painting in Craft Haven (hopefully I can squeeze the 2 hour straight class during one visit)
4. Buy materials for bunga telur
5. Go to IKEA to browse for new sofa to replace the old one (the 5 year old 2 seater where my students usually sit and pose for pictures now almost ranap)
6. Buy mugs for decoupage class (I only have 4 mugs left)
7. Go to Fah Lean/Woon Hua to look for artificial flowers
8. Buy more nylon brushes for decoupage class to replace the jahanam one..huhu..(my students seal the brushes bristles as well when they seal the napkin on the mug)

Things I have to do by this week:
1. Complete the bunga dulang sample for a May client
2. Do bunga telur sample in lilac and olive green
3. Prepare the kits for classes on weekend
4. List down items to buy at Jln TAR

I think I have to shelve aside my plan for the second Singapore trip. That beef steak kuah could wait for another time..It seems that I’m back to busy schedule..huhu! Work first then vacation later, OK!

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