Crazy Travel?

I have some crazy ideas..(or actually Hubby has the thought first). Blame this on the latest entry on Singapore Beef Steak Kuah on my cooking and food blog…huhu! Now both of us are craving for that bright red dish..and somehow since Hubby will be in between job from 3rd April till 13th April (before he starts at the previous-now-new company) and my birthday falls somewhere among that date, we thought of going to Singapore again to splurge on the Singaporean food.


Now, should I take the bus straight to Singapore from KL or take bus to JB and hop on the free Singapore Tourism Board bus into Singapore in the morning? I prefer flight even though Air Asia is not so comfy, but to spend RM500++ for tickets would be unwise. Maybe we should drive to JB, park the car at the hotel and take the bus into Singapore. After all the cheapest (but decent) hotel in Singapore would be around RM160++ per night which is around the same rate for hotel in JB.

I still have to think through about this. After all my niece already booked me on the 6th April for her wedding shopping and I have promised a friend to complete 10 sets of mini corsages to be collected on the 5th. So I conclude that the beef steak celebration could only be done after the 7th…come to think of it again, 5 hours or more of land journey..that’s tiring!


  1. company always buy me aeroline bus direct from KL-SIN. very convinient & comfy. & its cheap too. no need to waste time waiting long @ airport. RM80 one way. 🙂
    the bus take u straight to harbour front/ vivo city. should try 🙂

  2. owh..i think spore public transport is superb too…i never have problem finding one! esp. cab service…i wish our own cab can work that way…

  3. hi fab,

    thanks for the response..I was thinking of taking the aeroline as well after reading and hearing recommendation from those who have used their service..

    I agree with you about Singapore public transport. For someone who hates driving, I wish we have their kind of service with MRT all over the island, and their cab with GPS and all..huhu..

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