Fly Me To Polaris

Suddenly this title of Chinese movie came to my mind as I am checking my email (for last time tonight) and jotting down the address of the friends we are going to visit tomorrow. I can’t really remember the details of that movie but I think till now I still consider it such a great love story.

Oh, I won’t be bringing my notebook since the backpack is already heavy with the DSLR, lens and everything. Maybe we will buy few more pieces of memory card in Singapore if the current ones are all full..huhu!

We will be leaving home at 7am or maybe earlier so I have to go to sleep now. So in a way this trip will really be a vacation and a break for me as I can’t check my email, receive calls/sms from my students and clients etc.

I will surely miss the Internet connection and the sms/ business call..heh!

Fly me to Singapore tomorrow! See you all on Sunday.

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