Almost Ready, Money In, Money Out

As planned we went to take out the PayPal money in Al Rajhi, and then paid all the bills that are due early March. Since we have time we came back to Jusco and changed the RM into Singapore Dollar. The buying rate was 2.30 so there goes my RM690..huhu!


Not sure whether that SGD300 will be enough for 4 days but as long as it can cover all the meals and the fees for tourist attractions entrance, I will be more than happy. This trip will not be the last one as we plan to save more money for electronics shopping later.

It feels so good to know that my blogging money could pay for a vacation – at least part of it. If it’s not for all the eBay shopping spree, I would have more cash to spend for this trip. But it’s ok, I’m still blogging and earning though not as much as before.

Tomorrow I have to pack the bag. Still thinking whether I should bring my notebook with me, who knows there’s ops for blogging during that 4 days..heh!

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