Al Rajhi or Public Bank?

I woke up with an off start, first I received voicemail from CIMB. Must be regarding the car loan. Hubby must be too busy last week and forget to set the auto debit for this month car payment..huhu..tried to call Hubby but my HP iPaq bengong again..this time it hang to the extend I can’t put an end to the call. Luckily I remembered not to curse at the phone otherwise Hubby might think I’m cursing at him if he listens to his voicemail later..heh!

After struggling with the stylus and the touch screen to stop the call (with no avail), I have to take out the battery at the back. Reset the whole phone again but still have hard time connecting the call. Nak kena phone ni, nak kena tukar baru ni…haha!

Then once I on my notebook, Gmail gave me bad news. My fund transfer from PayPal to VM debit card was denied…waaaaaaa…double tension dah ni…I was planning to use that money either to do international passport next week or to spend it for my vacation at the end of this month.

Browse the Internet, so many others are having the same problem as PayPal no longer accepts Virtual Money account. There goes about RM40 in that account, will try later if I can take out at least RM20, better than giving it all to them, right! Now I have to apply for debit card either from Public Bank or Al Rajhi as these two are the one accepted to receive fund transfer from PayPal. Of course I can always use my Visa credit card but it will defeat the purpose to withdraw the money in cash (can do but I will be charged cash advance fee..huhu)

Despite the gloomy start of the day, the good thing is, they have collected my thrash outside. Since Chinese New Year, the Alam Flora truck didn’t come to our housing area to pick up the thrash. I was getting worried yesterday to see all the thrash getting rotten and smelly.

Since next Tuesday Hubby will be on leave, maybe we can go to Al Rajhi in Bandar Puteri, Puchong as there are people who apply their debit card there and get everything settled on the spot. If I were to apply Public Bank Visa Electron I have to wait about 2 weeks for the card to be couriered.

Well, things happen for a reason and I do hope things will get better. If I get the debit card next week and transfer the fund, I hope I will get the money just in time before my vacation plan. For the passport, there’s always Mastercard..haha!


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