Ugly Betty Quotes

“I learned about family tonight – They are not always the ones who love you the most, sometimes it’s the family that you make for yourself.”

I can’t say that I follow every episodes of Ugly Betty but those that I managed to watch, I think I like them. I wish I have a family like hers, one that accepts and loves her as she is, never expecting more than what she could be.

It doesn’t matter what the whole think about you, whether you look and dress up like a Pinata or not, or those bushy eyebrows make you look like a hideous girl next door. What matters is the unconditional love and support that a family should provide, regardless how disappointing you make them feel.

Maybe if I was born in a family with an illegal immigrant dad and a knocked out sister, my family will be proud of me.

To all parents out there, every night before you go to sleep, do you ever wonder how you make your children feel tonight – with your words, your act towards them?

And people ask me, why I hesitate to have kids..sigh!

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