The Fat Camp

I was doing my bunga songket downstairs when I happened to watch the Fat Camp series on Discovery Home & Health channel. I am not sure whether there is such camp in Malaysia but I think it will be a good idea to introduce one.

I am thinking to change my diet plan to be light and lean meal, rather than the usual typical Malay food. In fact we have tried this before when Hubby was on healthy regime last year (or the year before?) and it worked for only 2-3 weeks.

I think the problem with such cooking is that it takes a lot on our tastebuds to adjust to the bland and not really tasty meals, heh!

I think perhaps I should try the berpantang menu for a change. After all, grilled ikan with ginger and black pepper will taste good when eaten with sayur air, but how about the carb intake? With such lauk, I’m sure we will go for a second serving for the rice..huhu! And in the end it will defeat the purpose of weight gain control…any idea to make it really work?

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