A Quiet Week

I guess this week will be a quiet week for me. Other than the phone call from The Star writer just now asking for my full name and telling me that the story will be published in the newspaper this Wednesday, there’s nothing much exciting stuff happen over here.

Apart from a student who might be coming for scrapbooking class this Saturday and the usual errand of paying bills during weekend..nothing on the dateline to be pushed for either, heh!


Oh, come to think of it, I have to do another 10 sets of bunga songket for the songket biz owner so that she can get all the boxes ready for packaging. She had used all the bunga songket I made for her earlier (guess her sales were really good for the past 1-2 months) and even the one I made for samples were all used up..huhu!

I hope once I’m done with the task, I could start drafting the craft book. I hope my ability to write won’t be so rusty..wink!

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