What A Mess!

I have about 10 days to get everything visible on this carpet cleared and be put away..huhu! I know that within the next 2 weeks there will be in laws and nieces coming over to my home during the festive season. And maybe friends too..I don’t hate the idea of people coming over, but I do hate the fact that I have to clean up everything.


You see, this carpet, the sofa and the living hall is really my workshop (as Hubby said to every people and relatives that came to our home as an excuse for having no place to sit..hehe), so when I have to clear up everything and later have to sort out the stuffs again in order to start on the next project, it’s really a hassle to my brain. I see things clearly when they are messed up, like all the creative juices in my brain flowing as fast as I clutter everything on the floor.

I hope by next year I will have enough money to prep the room upstairs with air cond, Astro and TV so that I could move my workshop there. But then, don’t expect me to come down and entertain you in the living room, I’ll be busy doing new projects in my SOHO room..haha!

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