The Arts Experience

There is something magical about the arts experience in Australia. You see, Australia is such a big country, you can choose to go to the South – the capital city of Adelaide, to the Western side – Perth or to the South-East – Melbourne.

If you are planning to visit Australia in early 2008, don’t miss out the chance to see and experience The Perth International Arts Festival. This year 2007 Arts Festival was already held from 9 February – 4 March. Make sure you have reserved for hotels in Perth before you go because the city will be jam-packed with people who come to enjoy the array of world-class theatre, music, dance, literature and visual arts.


The Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) is the oldest international arts festival in Australia and the state’s premier cultural event. It was created in 1953 by the University of Western Australia and has been an annual cultural festival held in Western Australia ever since.

Otherwise if you are really into arts, you can check into any of the hotels in Adelaide, as they have a lot of ongoing events from October till next year. Soak up the fantastic, artistic atmosphere at Adelaide Festival Centre Plaza every Sunday since there will be Arts and Craft market where you can get handmade textiles, jewelry, woodwork, pottery, glassware, gourmet produce, photography, aboriginal artworks and much more.

Or if you are in Melbourne, the Melbourne International Arts Festival will be held for 17 days from 11 – 27 October, with performances throughout Melbourne. Find your Melbourne accommodation now before it’s too late.

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