I Hate Cleaning!

After many months of living in messy house, (it’s messy but not dirty, OK!) I finally push myself (hard!) to clean the in and out of my house.

I also did some gardening today despite the fact that my mini grass cutter was not being really helpful. Perhaps it’s time I buy the Black & Decker grass cutter..haha! Anyway, using the big gardening scissors I managed to trim all those almost my height weeds. Oh, those ivy-like plants haggling my neighbor fence are actually kacang kelisa plant which I thought was already dead many months ago. I pluck one bean but forgot to bring it inside..heh!


Then while watching TV I cleaned up my living hall. Of course I cheated a bit since I don’t really know how to categorize all the crafty things I got. So I dumped them into a box and will hopefully sort them out later, huhuhu (I think my later would be somewhere next year..hehe!)

Hubby was so happy that he finally can sit on the sofa enjoying local fruits while watching TV. But I don’t think that condition will last forever. I give myself another 2 weeks then I will mess up everything again..wink!

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