I, The Romantic Traveller

I like the idea of traveling leisurely. It gives you the opportunity to explore at your own pace, enjoy the local meals and take photos of the new places you are visiting. Call me romantic when it comes to travel time, as a matter of fact, I am..hehe!

But being a particular person, I always check out as much as possible about the new places I want to go by reading online travel guide. I know sometimes it is not really that accurate as guide and reviews are written based on different people’s expectation and experience. But at least I know what to expect and what not once I reach the destination.


Hopefully this year we could make it somewhere romantic and nice for anniversary travel destination. Few friends who have been to Phuket suggested Phi Phi Island instead of the well-known Patong beach.

For those who have seen the movie, The Beach, this was where the movie has been filmed and as the travel guide says everything is as accurate as what you see in the movie minus the outcasts..haha! Maybe if we could not make it as far as Phuket, we will settle for Langkawi instead..heh!

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