Prawn Fritters

I took this picture of jemput-jemput udang about a few weeks ago (or was it months? huhu!). Nevertheless it could still be a valid picture because just now I had this for supper as well.

This prawn fritters are among the easiest things to cook and yet the taste is just great to savour. Make sure you dip with chili sauce Maggi..great for tea time or supper!


Of course I don’t use my hand to jemput the flour mixture (it’s something that people call as batter, right?), I use the spoon instead so the Malay translation for my prawn fritters should be “sudu udang” instead of jemput-jemput..haha!

Never mind, ignore my nonsense..I’m just too tired of thinking the right words after writing all the sponsored posts. It’s time that I go off to bed and wake up at 2pm tomorrow..haha! Oh, come to think of it, I still have some leftover of the batter in the fridge. Maybe I will fry some for tea..nyum nyum!

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